Typhoon threat at Fukushima reactor site

Typhoon Roke, the 15th typhoon of the season in the northwest Pacific, is passing in the vicinity of the Fukushima reactor site.  It has already left in its wake significant flooding in Nagoya (southwest of Tokyo) and on the western outskirts of Tokyo as it cut a path across central central Japan.  It made landfall with 130+ mph winds.  Video footage of the typhoon effects can be found here.

All work was suspended at the nuclear plant site (including work to cover reactor 1), where 10+ inches of rain and strong winds were expected at the plant as a result of the typhoon.  Leaking is occurring at the reactor site.

The 5 km resolution COAMPS-TC (Coupled Ocean/Atmosphere Mescoscale Prediction System-Tropical Cyclone) shows the path across central Japan at 9 PM Japan Standard Time (JST) on September 21, as the typhoon headed toward the Fukushima reactor site bringing 60 knot winds to the coastal zone.  The Naval Research Lab’s COAMPS-TC forecasts can be found here.

COAMPS-TC forecast for 9PM 21 September JST

The official trajectory forecast has the typhoon proceeding over the ocean and brushing Hokkaido then moving across other smaller northern islands, and can be found at the Japan Meteorological Agency site here.

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