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Typhoon threat at Fukushima reactor site

Typhoon Roke, the 15th typhoon of the season in the northwest Pacific, is passing in the vicinity of the Fukushima reactor site.  It has already left in its wake significant flooding in Nagoya (southwest of Tokyo) and on the western … Continue reading

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Intense rain in disaster area

The tropical cyclone season kicks off this month in the region – see prior post.  The remnants of an early arrival, Typhoon Songda, impacted Japan Monday as a downgraded tropical storm.  The damage sustained locally included, power outages, flooding and landslides. … Continue reading

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Tropical cyclones and Fukushima

The tropical cyclone season in the western Pacific typically kicks off in June.  Cyclone activity is heightened particularly in the months of July, August and September.  WeatherUnderground has a display of yearly maps of storms in the region.  The map … Continue reading

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